Friday, July 24, 2009

My boss (one of them anyways!)

So I am excited to annouce that I won this weeks luck of the draw at work! This week we had to do one of the directors, Bruce (BBD) Tinnin! He loves golf, and is a totally rad boss!

This first one is my quick one for the week. I titled this one "Bruce Boy" inspired by Mike Mignola! I like how this one turned out!

And this one here is the winner! Like I said Bruce loves golf but he also handles all the HR type of stuff. Sometimes this is how it can feel when he asks you to come into his office!

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Good news (to me) and a new work peep!!!

Alright so first off some good news that I found out today! I found out that at least 2-3 maybe even 4 people read my blog, very exciting! So a big thanks to Krishna for making me feel good today!!!

Ok so on to some new stuff:

this first one is a quicky i did of a co-worker Sam "da man" Deats! I'm trying to do a quick and not so quick drawing for luck of the draw each week from here on out. For one reason or another i couldn't think of anything all that great to do for Sam so i did these!

This is my not so quick one of mr. Deats. Like I said Sam is "da Man"! He is crazy talented, and I totally wish I had half the skills he does.

This one is actually from the week before sam and is of co-worker/ roommate in the office. This fella goes by Jessie "Pile Driver" Pyles. He is a pretty rad dude who is a text book example of keeping austin weird! I like to bust his balls about it, all in good fun tho!

Until next week........

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Super Hero and some more work peeps!

Ok, I am back with some more stuff! This first one is a character design that got turned down at work. I really enjoyed working on this one and like the way it turned out. It is pretty different from my "classic shane style"!

Here we have a fella by the name of Krishna Jain! He is "THE" code guy at work and does some really great animation as well.
And finally this guys name is Adam Deats. He is a pretty funny guy and loves to talk shit!
Alright, thats all I gots for yous guys today! I have been drawing more so I should (hopefully) keep up with this more!