Monday, July 20, 2009

Good news (to me) and a new work peep!!!

Alright so first off some good news that I found out today! I found out that at least 2-3 maybe even 4 people read my blog, very exciting! So a big thanks to Krishna for making me feel good today!!!

Ok so on to some new stuff:

this first one is a quicky i did of a co-worker Sam "da man" Deats! I'm trying to do a quick and not so quick drawing for luck of the draw each week from here on out. For one reason or another i couldn't think of anything all that great to do for Sam so i did these!

This is my not so quick one of mr. Deats. Like I said Sam is "da Man"! He is crazy talented, and I totally wish I had half the skills he does.

This one is actually from the week before sam and is of co-worker/ roommate in the office. This fella goes by Jessie "Pile Driver" Pyles. He is a pretty rad dude who is a text book example of keeping austin weird! I like to bust his balls about it, all in good fun tho!

Until next week........

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